Lab-IA is accessible to members of the following laboratories:

Obtaining an account#

In order to obtain an account, please send an email to the Lab-IA staff (for non-permanent members, copy to your suprervising staff too) :

Contact for staff.lab-ia with CNRS list

The email must specify:

  • Your first name,
  • Your last name,
  • A valid email address from your school or university (no GMail & co.),
  • A public SSH key named ,
  • A project you will be assigned to.

If you don't have a SSH key, please read the following explanations. Note, we need a one line file formatted like ssh-rsa AA...long_code_...uQ== user@hostname, not a multi-lines SSH2 key like --- BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK ---.

Once your account is created, you will receive an email. If you haven't receive it after 48 hours, please send an email to the Lab-IA staff email.

Connect to Lab-IA#


Lab-IA is only accessible via SSH, but you need to connect from your laboratory gateway to lab-ia first (your host → lab-gateway → slurm).

Please ensure your ~/.ssh/config file contains the following lines:

  IdentitiesOnly yes
  IdentityFile PATH_TO_SSH_KEY
  ServerAliveInterval 60
  ServerAliveCountMax 2

Host slurm
  IdentitiesOnly yes
  IdentityFile PATH_TO_SSH_KEY
  ServerAliveInterval 60
  ServerAliveCountMax 2

Nota: Please adapt the upper case words to you case. There is at least one point of contact in each laboratory. Ask your point of contact about LAB_GATEWAY and LAB_GATEWAY_ADDRESS.

Some laboratories have a central ssh-proxy to contact inside hosts from outside. This proxy must be added as a ProxyJump in LAB_GATEWAY configuration (your host → ssh-proxy → lab-gateway → slurm).

If everything is properly configure, you should be able to connect by typing ssh slurm from your terminal.


When you log onto Lab-IA, your terminal should display something similar to this:

-- LAB-IA STATUS ----------------------------------------------------

NODE STATUS:     12/12
AVAILABLE NODES: 12 - n[1-5,51-55,101-102];
AVAILABLE CPU:   534/600
AVAILABLE GPU:   30/43 - You are using 0 GPU
-- STORAGE ----------------------------------------------------------
      user/group     ||           size          ||    chunk files
     name     |  id  ||    used    |    hard    ||  used   |  hard
     yourlogin| 30000||  145.70 MiB|  100.00 GiB||       84|unlimited
       sandbox| 40002||   20.00 KiB|    1.50 TiB||        5|unlimited

-- JOB STATUS -------------------------------------------------------
   JobID              JobName    State    Elapsed AllocCPUS AllocGRES
-------- -------------------- -------- ---------- --------- ---------
[yourlogin@slurm ~]$

This gives you information about the node status, the available CPUs and GPUs and about your quota. For more information about quotas, please check the quotas section.

Now that you're connected to Lab-IA, you're ready to start using SLURM.