Lab-IA accounts do not have password. The only way to connect to an account requires a SSH key. The following tutorial will explain how to create SSH keys.

How do SSH keys work#

SSH uses asymmetric cryptography. It allows the server to authenticate you without sending sensitive information over the internet.

How to create a SSH key#

On GNU/Linux#

  1. On a terminal, type ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096, then press ENTER,
  2. When asked where to save the key, press ENTER,
  3. Type a passphrase, then press ENTER,
  4. Re-type your passphrase and press ENTER again.

You know have a file named id_rsa in ~/.ssh/.

Nota: memorize your passphase, as it is not possible to retrieve it if forgotten.

On Windows#

Using git command-line tools#

  1. Download and extract Git for Windows Portable,
  2. In folder PortableGit, run git-bash.exe,
  3. See the GNU/Linux explanations.

Using an existing putty key#

You must convert your putty SSH2 key to the OpenSSH format used by ssh servers to authenticate remote users. If you dont have access to a Linux/Unix machine, install git command-line tools to have ssh-keygen installed on Windows.

More about SSH#

You can find more about SSH configuration on DigitalOcean website.